Our services are provided by
Alanna O�Broin C.Psychol AFBPsS
an experienced Chartered Psychologist, and Coaching Psychologist, from a seasoned business and financial background.

What Sets Us Apart

Productive Living providesLogo of The British Psychological Society

  • individually-tailored, results-focused coaching
  • stress management services

for personal and professional development.

In today�s world, harnessing human capital is so critical to success, yet it can often prove challenging and elusive for companies who must do more with less. Productive Living�s philosophy recognises and responds to this reality, believing each person is a very individually valuable and primary asset, and we seek to empower individuals to maximise their full potential.

:: Executive Coaching :: Life Coaching

Picture of two happy business people in an Executive Coaching session provided by Alanna O'Broin of Productive Living

Is a learning and development activity targeted at improving:

  • Executive effectiveness
  • Executive performance

Photo of a happy couple after a Life Coaching session with Alanna O'Broin of Productive Living

An active support process targeted at assisting people in:

  • focusing down on what they want for a fulfilling life
  • setting attainable yet effective life and work goals
  • sticking to achieving their goals